FrontLine Cyber Solutions (FrontLine) was founded on focusing its security expertise around two functional areas: Secure Cybersecurity Enterprise Management and Secure Externally Focused Web Presences.  

Enterprise Cybersecurity Management

FrontLine has designed, built, and operates an enterprise-class Security Operations Center (SOC) unlike most in the industry.  Its highly responsive proactive design allows simple and secure integration into any customer environment.  This low footprint, low-security impact hook allows SOC analysts to monitor the environment 24x7x365 for standard or custom enterprise risk.  With this agile approach, FrontLine Cyber provides a lessened chance of a breach and minimizes dwell time or the time from when an adversary breaches the outer defenses until discovered.  And all of this leads to bottom-line performance.  Lower total cost and lessened risk is the FrontLine Advantage.

Externally Focused web Presence

FrontLine has been working with several companies from within heavily regulated industries to provide them capabilities to external partners in a secure framework.  meeting industry regulations.  Tested to be compliant with regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, the FrontLine Cyber Information Sharing Capabilities, provide high trust in external data sharing, all monitored and managed by the FrontLine Cyber SOC.  

The SOC also has the ability to monitor secure web sites.   Within the Think enclave, with security built from the ground up, our secure hosting environment ensures your companies reputation.