FrontLine Cyber Solutions

Experience Counts

FrontLine Cyber Solutions (FrontLine) provides a holistic approach to security solutions using their skilled knowledge, the latest technologies and coding expertise to address the newest risks and emerging threats. Services and solutions are tailored and scalable to meet the needs of each client at an affordable rate. The FrontLine team is a trusted advisor from a client’s keyboard to their boardroom.

FrontLine has an elite team of information security professionals coming from large world class enterprise security companies. The team consists of world-class cyber professionals with decades of real-world experience in managing risk, preventing attacks, and building successful security programs.  We blend our in-house talent with a special group of screened and experienced group of independent contractors to enable quick surge capabilities.

Because of our team’s extensive experience, our consultants also are respected authors and columnists, instructors, industry-certified experts, and speakers at major security conferences. We provide an environment conducive to learning and thought leadership. As a result, our cyber professionals have created some of the most well-known and widely used industry tools and white papers.

Why should you trust FrontLine?

Simple. FrontLine provides the best in the security industry with:

  1. End to End Solutions: FrontLine is the only company that offers true end to end cybersecurity solutions in all domains. From Information Technology to Operational Technology and on to Internet of Things, you will find that FrontLine is the only one that has the solutions to support all.
  2. Cost Reduction: FrontLine endeavor to ensure that cybersecurity services do not become a burden to you from a financial point of view. To make this certain, we strive to provide you with cost-effective cybersecurity solutions. This ensures that the financial input required is kept in check, which is beneficial for your company and business.
  3. Resource Reduction: Our services, customers have the ability to transfer associated corporate risk to FrontLine which in turn decreases both the overhead burden of employee costs and also complete protection of corporate assets which if lost could be catastrophic.
  4. Quality of Service: FrontLine strives to ensure that you get the best quality of service possible. We have put together a team of skilled researchers who are experienced and competent. Our team is recognized by renowned organizations all around the world.

    With the ever-changing security threats, FrontLine Cyber is there to protect you and your company. We are constantly monitoring and looking for emerging threats. If you would like to receive our weekly newsletter or our security alert emails, please sign up below.

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